Music: Timm/Puschke, Lyrics: Sobisch

I went for a ride
where the mountains are high
dancers on the ground
and prayers in the sky

Where the gods are gathered
and the tales are spun
where the demons are bound
in the early evening sun

Still got my pockets full of change
I wait until my vision has rearranged
for the turmoil in my head to quiet down
for the second chance in life to come around

Check out the folklore
tourists make rounds
spending little fortunes
busting their accounts

Me, I am walking
the line that’s in between
what’s obvious to everyone
and all that is unseen

Still got my pockets full of change…

Taxi to the airport
city’s summer night
leaving everything behind
I´m gonna take the early flight

Looking down I see
the streets of my home town
everyone down there –
watch me coming down

Still got the pocket full of change…